Swapping the Old Cars Round

With the trials season finished it was time to put the Austin away for the summer and for the Model Y to emerge from its slumber.

Before doing that I wanted to see if I could sort the misfire I had at Ivinghoe.

First I wondered if it had been missing because it was running lean so I put the original needle back in which is much richer mid to high. That didn’t do any good and certainly soothes up the plugs.

Then a few days later I had a brain wave. I had set the rev limiter on the Alcon Amythest to 4000 in the believe it would stop me over reving and thus preserve the delicate crankshaft on the three bearing engine. Using the Rev counter on the timing light revealed that this could be the problem. The misfire looks as if it was the engine was on the rev limiter. So I put the AD needle back in with a red spring (was a blue) as that’s what it said on one of the A7 sites. Reset the carb by putting the jet level with the bridge and going down two full turns before fine tuning with the colour-tune. Then I connected up the old laptop and tried to disable the rev limiter. It didn’t like that so I set it at 5500.

Trying it up up the drive I think that may have been the problem as I couldn’t detect a misfire. let’s hope so.

Before firing up the Model Y I fitted the new battery I got from Lincon as the other one wouldn’t hold its charge and the top was split.

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