Classics on the Common 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 12.17.59
We tried to go on what we call our Old Car Route via Cranfield but found the road closed!

It was a very hot but the Model Y seemed to cope fine on the way to Harpenden Common. We had a hiccup in Cranfield where we found the road closed so had to detour onto the A421 which I had planned to avoid!

We met up with John at Markyate Truck Stop where we got a call from Neil to say that he and Dave were still at home so we headed to Harpenden Common, dumped the cars and headed to Lussmans for an enjoyable three hour lunch.

Neil and Nashy dropped in after coffee and we walked to the Common with them around 5.30 to take a look at his new Zetec Escort. As soon as Neil opened the bonnet he had people swarming round like wasps round a jam pot so we left them and walked round the cars.

The atmosphere was as fantastic as always. The crowd a mixture of enthusiasts and locals with commuters dropping in on their way from the station still in their suits.

We left just after 7.30, driving out via the road thronged with spectators giving everyone a cheer. We got home in the light at around 9pm.

Our Model Y parked next to Johns on Harpenden Common

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