New Daily Wheels

The new wheels

As much as I liked my Freelander it was coming on ten year old, probably about to cost me some money and I just fancied a new car.

I had a test drive in a new Discovery Sport but IMHO its not really a Freelander replacement. It comes with seven seats as standard and seems a real take the kids to school Chelsea Tractor. Also it didn’t seem that well finished inside.

So we tried a Volvo XC60 and I just liked it and that’s what I bought.

I’m not that convinced the dealership will look after me as well as Marshalls where I bought the Freelander. Also I’m sure that the Volvo won’t be as good off road but I don’t intend to go Green Laning in it. As long as it gets me in and out of the trials venues that will be fine.

So its goodbye to the faithful Freelander (on the right) and hello to the XC60 (on the left with the same reg number)

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