Towing with the X60

Under Construction

We entered the Austin 7 on Falcons Ivinghoe Trial on 14 October, the first event of the winter season. I didn’t start getting it ready until shortly before and there were a few jobs to do. First refitting the old Denso alternator then restoring the hydraulic handbrake with a new Willwood master cylinder.

I had tried out one of these new alternators in an Austin 7 Dynamo Case from Xxxxxx. It seemed a great idea. It came with all the gears, just bolt it on and hey presto.

There was nothing wrong with the Denso alternator which I fitted to replace the great big one that was on the car when I bought it for purely aesthetic reasons. The car is 12v and I doubt the original A7 dynamo works anyway. It just sits there to drive the distributor (which I would like to get rid of but that’s another issue!)

The benefit of the Dynamotor over the Denso is purely visual. The Denso doesn’t look right unless you think it’s a supercharger!

The hydraulic handbrake issue dated from the last trial in April when I found lots of cylinders seized!


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